Testimonials for the Rhapsodaisy Program

Sarah Catlow - Centre Director: Samford Tadpoles Childcare Centre

"Our families are utterly thrilled with the inclusion of the Rhapsodaisy programme.  The lessons facilitate the children through a journey which leads to genuinely accessible and observable outcomes"


Julie Wilson - Centre Director: Molly's House Childcare Centre

"We all had so much fun when Rhapsodaisy came to visit.  Annie's natural rapport with children and her genuine love for music make these sessions dynamic!  The children love the hands on approach this program offers."


Sara V - Parent

"Thank you so much for three years of classes for our daughter. We are a big music household and all play instruments and listen and dance to music all the time. But our daughter who is the third and youngest kid just really has it in her bones. So thank you for your part in her music journey, thanks for inserting music in her kindy days and for everything that she learned and loved which she will carry with her forever. Those early years are really impactful, aren’t they..   

Many kind regards and I hope the program continues with great success."

Rachael C - Parent

"Enrolling in Rhapsodaisy music classes has offered one of the most rewarding experiences for my son.  At music class he has been able to express himself in such a positive way.  The approach is so welcoming and inclusive, which I believe is paramount when dealing with children at this important age."