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Terms and Conditions for Rhapsodaisy Music Classes

The Terms and Conditions of Rhapsodaisy Music Classes (as mentioned on the enrollment form) are as follows:


Clients agree to:

1.  Complete your Rhapsodaisy enrollment form, either online or hard copy, and sign to agree to abide by the terms and conditions.  Please return the form to Rhapsodaisy by either:

  • Completing this online form 

  • Print and return to your centre

  • Print and return directly to your Rhapsodaisy teacher

2.  Invoices are issued at the start of each term and must be paid by the due date (14 days from invoice date).  Unpaid fees may result in your child not being able to participate in the classes.  You are, however, welcome to negotiate a payment plan by contacting us via www.rhapsodaisy.com through the Contact Us page.

3.  Notify Donna at Rhapsodaisy if your contact details change (donna.rhapsodaisy@gmail.com).


4. If your regular Rhapsodaisy teacher is unavailable, another Rhapsodaisy teacher will take your class using the same lesson plan.  If a replacement teacher is unavailable, we will run an additional class at the end of the term, or if this is not an option, you will be credited for the missed lesson on your next term invoice.

5.  Give notice of terms classes you will not be attending (eg. family holiday) by emailing us (via the Contact page at www.rhapsodaisy.com)  before term commences.  There is no reimbursement for one-off classes missed due to illness or other reasons.

6.   Each family will receive a Rhapsodaisy newsletter twice a year, filled with information about the music classes and music in general.  If parents have any specific questions, they are very welcome to contact Annie Peterson (Director) via email at annie@rhapsodaisy.com.


7.  Please contact us if you no longer wish to continue the music classes so we will know not to include your child in the classes and stop sending future term invoices. 


Thank you!